Pogo Radio

You may have noticed a little Listen option at the top of the page and thought, “what’s this all about?”. That little arrow is the click-through to Pogo Radio, our Mixcloud page where you’ll find a growing collection of mixes by us and our friends. Music is very important to us and we’d like to share it with you. It soundtracks our days and plays a very big role in setting our moods. 

Pogo Radio will represent our diverse taste in music, and (hopefully) offer something for everyone and all moments of life in the process. We wan’t there to be something to play on your morning commute, while you work, when you’re cramming for a test, when you feel like dancing or are winding down in the evening before some much needed shut eye.   

If you visit our Mixcloud page now you’ll find a few mixes by us on the page and one by Adelaide based DJ Jade Barker aka Milk Paste (more from Jade soon). The page will be continually updated so please check in regularly to keep up to date with what our friends and us have been listening to lately.

Visit Pogo Radio here