Pogo Mix 04 - Milo Bragg


For the next offering in our Pogo Mix series we travel to London and reconnect with our old friend and Future Primitive label boss Milo Bragg. We've spent a lot of time with Milo over the years and are beyond excited to share this one with you.

Milo uses his 20+ years as a vinyl collector and DJ to create a seamless hour long mix that traverses the lines between ambient and downtempo before picking things up with pieces of techno, deep house and disco.

After listening to Milo's Pogo Mix be sure to check out his Club Rooted podcast series. Dedicated to non-floor focused club music, we like to think of Club Rooted as a tribute to the long gone chill out rooms of the 90s and early 00s. Highly recommended!

Listen to Milo's Mix for Pogo NOW!!!

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